Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Blogging again???

Well....  I really suck at this considering my child is almost 4 and the last time I blogged was when she was 9 months old! 

So, I guess we shall try this again. 

I will be trying my best to use this to keep friends and family updated on our upcoming adventure. 

We are doing IVF!!!
 Yes, we are taking the plunge and trying to add to our family.  
Some may not know but we have been on this road since September 11, 2013.  It has been a long and emotionally draining road.  The one thing I can say through all of this is it has made me fall in love with my husband even more than before.  
That man has suffered by my side month after month, negative test after negative test, thousands of dollars each month that we pulled from who knows where.  He has been my ROCK!  

More to come....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

9 months old

April 28, 2012 I am 9 months old! 

This is my silly little girl outside in her robe!  She really like to be naked, so we allowed her to wear her robe and nothing under it.  I really think she takes after her Auntie Em (Emie... the list could go on about what Piper may call her.  Most not blog appropriate)

I am so glad we have amazing friends who love Piper.  Aunt Ray Ray and Uncle Jimmy Legs pretty much let this child do whatever she wants.  They love playing with her and they always want to see her over us!  We all need a little fun in our lives and Piper seems to love beer bottles.  So we decided on a photo shoot. 

Caption "My mom doesn't let me drink often, but when she does I drink Dos Equis! LOL, I know we are so funny!

Piper checking out the chair of scary dolls at DeDe's house.  She really loves the one with no arms.  I think she feels sorry for it. 

This was at Relay for life in the Arlington Square.  I went with Norah, Mommy, and Jen Jen.  We stayed out late.  We made a donation for one of DeDe's friends.  This sweet little girl passed away from cancer.  Mom and her grandmother have become good FB freinds.  I love my child more than life itself but things like this make you count your blessings 10 fold!    

8 months old!

I honestly can't believe our sweet, wonderful, beautiful baby is getting so close to a year old.
8 months old! 3-28-12
She looks so chubby here!!
Meet my best friend Norah. We enjoy playing together and going out to eat. Our mommies are very funny and they always make us laugh.These 2 girls really love seeing reach other.  Piper enjoys using Norah as a stepping stool. LOL

As usual I am growing and changing so much. I have started standing on my own.  I am working really hard on walking so watch out mommy and daddy I am about to be on the move.  

"Look mom no hands!"

Our crazy love really enjoyed her first Easter! As usual she got a bunch of goodies!

She also started this beautiful smile! Lol! Crazy kid!  It is the cutest smile I have ever seen.

The 2 loves of my life on Easter Sunday.  We went to church for the first time and P did really well.  She enjoyed spending the time with her Nana, Cortney, and Aunt Carol.  

My cousins Karsyn and Keaton came in town for Easter.  They were watching me and we found out I like to eat crayons.  I guess thats what happens when you let 6 year old girls babysit.  (we were just in the other room)

My mom got me this cool new ball pit and I just had to load it up and take it to Norah's to try out! Norah loved it so much we let her borrow it. (For a few months)

I really shocked mom and dad when i took my first steps.  I was a little unsure but I liked it so much I did it again and they were able to record it. :)


This video was 3 days shy of 9 months old.  4/25/12
I like starting new things before I get a month older.

As for Randy and I, we have really enjoyed playing and chasing Piper all around.  She is really becoming her own person with the best personality!  She is such a loving, sweet, wild, and crazy girl.  She is he daddy's pride and joy and I see the love in his eyes every time he sees her.  (the same for her, She is for sure a daddy's girl! 

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Look at me go!

Piper was 7 months old on 2-28-12.
This past month has been loads of fun watching her discover so many new things.  She is not walking on her own yet but it is crazy how close she is getting.  She is crawling really fast and can get out of a room in the blink of an eye.  We finally moved the coffee table out after pulling her out from under it 10 x's in one day.
Love that sweet face!

Crazy little girl!

This is an older video.  These days she is standing alone and she has that look in her eye.  The look of I am about to take a step.  Randy and I really thought it was going to happen the other day.  We thought we were both going to be witness her first steps together. 

Piper got a push car and she thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread. She does not like when we stop pushing her.
*WARNING: this video is a little violent.

I laugh every time I watch that.

She also got a chair for home like she has at DeDe's. Within minutes we realized once again she is a wild child!!
This was the month for a ton of new toys. It was so nice outside we had to buy early birthday presents. The next toy is a small slide with a swing attached. We are just using the swing for now.
We are enjoying every minute we have with this sweet girl. I am counting down the weeks until I'm out of school and home with BG for the summer. This is going to be the best summer!
The end!
Be on the look out for our next month of adventures!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh Lord, the JOYS I have been blessed with!

I can't remember the last time I updated this wonderful world of blogging!!
Quick Review!
July 28, 2011 @ 7:40 pm the most precious gift GOD has ever blessed me with arrived! 
Month 1: AMAZING! She is the best sleeper!
Month 2: My BG continues to bring so much joy to our lives.
Month 3: The things she does continues to impress us!
Month 4:  Those first 3 months were complete blur!   My mind becomes a little clearer around month 4.  Piper began sitting up.  She would do the tripod sit.  It was so cute!  I went back to work and that was very hard but she did amazing at Mrs. Debbie's house!
Month 5: My sweet baby just continued to get more and more awesome!  She started eating baby food and loved it!
Month 6:  She is starting to crawl!!  Lord help this crazy house!  She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth.  to move from place to place she just drags herself and scoots.  It takes her a while but she gets where shes going.  This crazy girl is also pulling up and standing while holding on things.  She can also stand alone for a few seconds.  I have a feeling she will be walking very soon. Her daddy was walking by 9 months and I'm pretty sure I was walking early. (since I'm awesome)  She also loves her daddy so much she decided to say "DaDa".  She loves her daddy so much it melts my heart! I enjoy every moment with the 2 loves of my life.  I thank God every day for the 2 most beautiful and amazing things in my life, my husband and our baby girl! 

 Piper at 3 months!
 Piper at 5 1/2 months!
I am making a promise to try and update this wonderful piece of my life every month! 

Shout out to my Peeps! I'm updating my blog!

Shout out to Ziggy!!  I love you and hope your hanging in there!  When things slow down Piper and I are heading your way! :)

Now check out my update on my sweet Baby Girl!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

37 weeks

I'm about to start being a Debbie Downer!! Still nothing going on. I understand I still have 3 weeks but that is only 2 doctor visits. I would like for something to start going on!! I don't want her to come early I just don't want to be induced!! Dr. G said he would let me go a week over. So it's still just a waiting game!

Randy and I are ready for her, let's just hope she's ready for us!! Lol! I think she knows already that we are crazy! All her clothes are cleaned and put away. Our bags are packed, cameras are charged, and the house is as ready as it will ever be!

Her room is pretty much done, so pictures to come by next week for sure. I have 1 more thing to put on the wall. It is one of the things you stick on the wall. It has 105 pieces to stick up there. Randy told me I was on my own!
Here is my 37 week belly!! It is growing the most it has the whole time!!

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